Prime Labs - Men's Test Booster - Natural Stamina, Endurance and Strength Booster

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  • Optimized Physical Performance: Suffering from low test impacts energy, strength and stamina. Prime Test is a test booster that can help revitalize and restore your manhood for improved performance in your workouts, your workplace, or at home.
  • Maximize Your Workouts: By naturally increasing test levels, you can melt away belly fat while having more energy to create lean muscle. Push through plateaus with sustained stamina while supporting better recovery and overall wellness.
  • Supports Improved Mood: Prime Test can give you the stamina, confidence and improved circulation that you need to perform better physically and feel better too. Amplify energy, focus and endurance when you need it most.
  • Safe and Potent: This supplement is formulated with natural ingredients like Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali Extract and Saw Palmetto Extract. Each ingredient is tested to ensure exceptional quality, potency and composition.
  • Made in the USA with Globally Sourced Ingredients: Prime Labs products are developed right here in the USA with global ingredients and they're rigorously tested to ensure the utmost quality. All of our ingredients have been carefully selected to help you reach your maximum potential.
Prime Labs exists to help men move forward on their journey to becoming the best version of themselves. We strive to provide affordable, vitality-boosting supplements with quality ingredients so you can live in your prime, every day.


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